Casa Alicante

Lovingly renovated to preserve the old while adding new features, the house beautifully mixes vintage style, modern and Mediterranean flair.

Living Room & Kitchen

Spain’s lively culture makes for a perfect vacation setting: Spending time with friends and family, cooking together, gathering around the big table, and lots of talking. There is plenty of space for all of that in the living room and adjoining open kitchen.

Verde Room

Elegant and cozy. The restored old wooden shutters have found a new lease on life as a headboard and the modern infrared-heater for cozy winter days camouflages as a tasteful image.

“No one returns from a journey the way he left.”

Graham Green

Room Arena

Bringing the colors of the nearby ocean and beach into the house, this room offers a genuine vacation atmosphere. This room can also be converted into a study if desired.

“Traveling means crossing boundaries. Including your own.”

Wanda Rezat

Room Olivo

Bringing the garden inside—with earthy colors and olive leaves on the headboard. A place to feel at home.

“The best stories play out offline.”

Bathroom 1

The design of the Moorish tiles brings to mind Andalusia, where your host Andres is from. Bright and comfortably designed with a generously dimensioned barrier-free rain shower.

“When man is at rest, he works.”

Francesco Petrarca

Bathroom 2

Graphite, white and a little turquoise: these are the colors of our second bathroom. Modern, bright and comfortably designed with a generously dimensioned barrier-free rain shower.

Garden, Pool, Chill & Grill

The house is set within an 800 sqm garden with palm trees, lemon, orange and tangerine trees, the fruits of which you are welcome to help yourself to in order to squeeze a morning juice. Large trees provide shade and offer the possibility to attach hammocks, hanging chairs or yoga swing.

The up-to-date "Plunge" pool with a chic Ibiza flair brings both cooling and fun. The pool is sufficiently large to refresh, splash and cool down and small enough to take account of the environment and its limited resources: circular with a diameter of 3.5 meters and a water depth of 90 cm - because sustainability is important to us.

The adjoining Chill & Grill-area provides shade and a ceiling fan keeps the breeze blowing even on hot days. A portable gas grill and a fire bowl ensure a perfect barbecue evening.

“Satisfaction is a quiet garden where you can rest.”

Ernst Ferstl

The fenced-in garden is ideal for children and offers a lot of variety for the little ones. Our sandbox offers a taste of the nearby beach right in the garden.